Saturday, March 20, 2010

We ain't a widow!

Just reflecting on the theme of prayer. In Luke 18 in the parable of the persistent widow we are often rightly encouraged to remember that God is not like the unrighteous judge. Quite right. But we also need to remember we ain't a widow either! Not only is God our heavenly Father but Jesus is the bridegroom of the church his bride. He is the executive power God the Father has placed on the throne of heaven. As his bride, no wonder Jesus promises time and time again that if we ask we will receive. A good Old Testament illustration of this is Esther. In Esther 1v5-6 we get a vivid description of King Ahasuerus' palace garden court and it has many similarities to God's temple furnishings. The King in Ch4v11 has a strict rule that no one may enter his presence uncalled without dying much like the Holy of Holies. In 5v2 who does the King allow in? His beautiful bride Esther. She wins favour in his sight and he promises "What is your request? It shall be given you?" Remind you of any similar promises the King of Kings Jesus makes to his bride - us - the church?
Because of Jesus' death for us, our sin has been dealt with, the curtain barrier has been torn down and we now have access to God at any time. He does not look at us like a nagging wife but rather his beautiful bride who he delights to fulfill the requests of. If he has given his life for his bride, do you think he will withhold any good gift we need?



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