Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amazing Bible teaching - Jim Jordan & Biblical Horizons

I have just been introduced to an American Bible teacher called James Jordan and whilst I’ve only listened to a dozen talks or so I must say it is the most electrifying Bible teaching I have ever heard in my life. Despite going to Bible college for several years listening to Jordan makes me realise how narrow my understanding of the Bible has been previously and how much more seriously I must take every word – especially Old Testament imagery and themes. It feels like the blinkers have fallen off my eyes and I’ve seen the vistas of how rich God’s word truly is. Get hold of this stuff – there’s nuggets every 5 seconds!
The website is www.wordmp3.com and his section is under “Biblical Horizons”. Start with his teaching on Biblical worldview – the Garden of God. There is a free sample of talk 1 of this set at
I truly believe God’s word has the power to transform this world and so we must get this rich teaching into as many hands/ears as possible.
His website is http://www.biblicalhorizons.com/


At 8:12 am, Blogger DavidF said...


A friend pointed me to this post and I'm thrilled to read it. I'm wondering if you are the Dave Anthony who was at Oak Hill a few years back? If so, then I'm sorry that at that time you could get through Oak Hill without crossing the Jordan and can assure you that, though still possible, it is much harder to do so these days.


David Field

At 12:41 pm, Blogger matthew said...

Hi Dave. I too was thrilled to see this post. I, thankfully, did catch some Jordan from Fieldy, and from Marty Cowan at Oak Hill. And my reaction is pretty much identical to yours. Cracking stuff, isn't it!


Matthew Mason

At 5:44 am, Anonymous Rod said...

You are indeed blessed, brother!
Check the Biblical Horizons blog

Mark this day well.....

For the King,
Rod Honeycutt
Birmingham, Alabama, USA


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