Monday, February 26, 2007

An attack on the fabric of the Godhead

Doing a recent talk on the Trinity led me to consider this idea.
What is the devil trying to achieve thru tempting Jesus in Luke 4?

Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness is not so much an attack on him alone but on the very fabric of the Godhead. If Jesus had not 100% obeyed the Father, then the will of the Trinity would not have perfectly overlapped and potentially the relation between Father and Son would have been torn apart. (impossible of course!)
Even at the cross the Godhead is not torn apart, whilst the Father’s wrath is born by the Son, the Father is still perfectly delighting in the Son’s obedience and the Son is still perfectly submitting to and delighting in God’s will to redeem mankind.
So the devil tries to separate the Trinity through the Son disobeying. But at the cross, the Son is willingly separated from the love of the Father in obedience to the Father.